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Meeting at Forest Hills Covenant Church
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Sundays, 4:00 pm

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We are a community of believers dedicated to exposing others to Christ, being equipped to deepen our faith, and engage our city through service. 



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Jua Robinson
Lead Pastor
Our Stories
Karla Jenkins

My name is Karla Jenkins! I am an educator, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a mentor and most importantly, a worshipper and servant of God. These are important descriptors because all of these combined are the true essence of who I am. When I moved to Boston in the summer of 2014, I searched for a church that was a place of authenticity, a place where the worship was not just seen but felt, a place where God's word was preached as undeniable truth. It took me 8 months but as soon as I walked in to Heart Change, I recognized this was the place that God had a seat for me. I discovered a place where I could grow in Him, a place of community, and a place of love.  That's what I love about my church. Every Sunday, I can unequivocally depend on a space for corporate prayer and worship, a place where God's word is preached, and we are given the practical tools to go and live Christ out loud. Heart Change is a place where you can be the change the world and do it in fellowship with a multicultural community of believers. At Heart Change, I am being challenged consistently to tap in the PULSE! I'd invite anyone who desires to meet God in the most unassumingly beautiful way to worship with us and see how God is using a small yet mighty army to make an impact on the world!
Andrew & Noelle Larson

When Andrew and Noelle first attended Heart Change in college, they had no idea what an important role the church and community would play in their faith journeys, closest friendships, and blossoming relationship. Friends from the start due to their shared love for the Lord of the Rings, their friendship grew as they spent time serving together and having lunch after church with their friends from school. When Andrew and Noelle were ready to tie the knot, Pastor Jua, his wife Regina, and their oldest daughter Jordyn flew to Wisconsin to perform the wedding ceremony. After living in Wisconsin for two years, Andrew and Noelle came back to Boston and were excited to rejoin the vibrant community at Heart Change. As they raise their baby daughter, Andrew and Noelle are so happy for her to grow up and learn about Jesus in this loving, Gospel-centered, multi-ethnic faith community.
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